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Yakar Jerusalem

Become a Member

of the Yakar Community

We invite all those who join us at Yakar to sign up for membership, to help sustain Tefillot and activities, Kiddushim, building-related expenses, programs and events. 

Friends who come occasionally are also invited to contribute accordingly. 

Those who pay, and fill in the form, by 6/9/23 will be able to save their place from two years ago. 

*The organizers reserve the right to make any changes to places, to reduce and rearrange, as they see fit.*

Everyone who pays membership is kindly requested to fill in the form below (including current members). 
Everyone who is able is kindly requested to pay via bank transfer (details below).

Those who need to bring a check or cash to the office should arrange this by email. 

Those who are unable to pay the full charge should feel free to pay what they can. Those who are able to give more - may they be blessed. 

(In any case of a different amount please indicate in the transfer, or by email, that it is for membership.) 

*Please fill in your details using this form.

Membership Price List

Membership including a seat for the High Holidays

Normal membership: 750 nis (couples: 1500 nis)

Under 35's and over 79's: 600 nis

Per seat for a child (under 20) of a member: 250 nis

Membership without a seat for the High Holidays

Normal membership: 600 nis (couples: 1200 nis)

Under 35's and over 79's: 500 nis

Please make payments via bank transfer to:

Bank name: Hapoalim

Bank number: 12

Branch: 782

Account: 148087

Name: Yakar

Please indicate (online) that the payment is for membership. 

Those adding donations for building upkeep or books please indicate or inform the office by email. 

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