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Polish Educators


The Polish Program is made up of both a summer in-person seminar and a throughout the year weekly zoom study program. 

Every summer, Yakar Jerusalem hosts the Polish Educators Program. Students from Poland are hosted in the warm Yakar community for a summer of learning and connection with Israel. 


The Yakar Polish Educators program is an annual summer learning program for educators, community leaders, and other lay leaders of the Jewish community in Poland, who come to Jerusalem to study Jewish texts and experience Israel for two weeks. During their stay, the educators learn Torah, deepen both their ties to Israel - the center of the Jewish world - and the Jewish people, all while exploring their own Jewish identity. They also deepen their appreciation and understanding of Jewish traditions and values. Upon their return to Poland, they help to influence the reawakening of Jewish life.


Yakar Jerusalem is the epicenter of the program, where participants learn, dine, and pray during the week and on Shabbat. The participants are hosted by Yakar community members, and their immersive experience during their stay leaves a profound impression which they bring home to their own community. The program thus strengthens the community's ties to our Jewish brethren in Eastern Europe, who persevere in creating and maintaining meaningful Jewish life in the diaspora.


Members of the Yakar community are invited to partake in this meaningful experience by offering to host Polish educators for housing or Shabbat meals.


To find out more about the zoom learning program or to make a donation to the program program please contact the program coordinator Deena Garber at 

Testimonials from the Polish Educators Program

"This unique coincidence of learning Judaism in Jerusalem, with these teachers and with translation to Polish is very important, as you surely know. Especially for those who are not familiar with Judaism, and for whom it can be an experience that can change their life. It has happened already. Of course not with every participant, but often enough to be sure that this program works. Now there exists a kind of "Yakar family" in Poland and I think it is very important social phenomena."


"As a media personality, I came into contact with a number of people who said that Judaism is the most ethical system in the world. Because I follow the media closely,     I said that this cannot be true. I was told to spend two weeks on the Yakar Polish Program and that would change my mind. Now that I have been here for two weeks,
I must say that Judaism is the most ethical system in the world, and I will take and spread that message in Poland."


"And now the new questions arise, one after another. What in my Jewishness is more and what is less important? What is authentic and what is only a game and appearance straightening the ego?  And what is it that God really wants of me?

Yakar is a place created by people with open minds and big hearts. Modern educated and pious Jews, for whom their religiousness is the sense of living. They do not impose anything, but they teach a lot and set up the highest spiritual standards.

I have a feeling that we gained there so much and now it is the time for us. What shall we do with what we got there and how can we contribute?

And it’s good to think: Leshana haba’a b’ Yerushalaim."


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